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The Best Fake Websites from Law & Order: SVU

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Many of Law & Order: SVU's episodes are based around crimes that occur on the Internet. With the rise of chat rooms in the late '90s, many (fictional and real life) predators took to the web to hunt their prey. In order to capture the heinous Internet crimes of the decade, SVU took the liberty of inventing a slew of ridiculous, fake websites that mirror websites in real life. Due to copyright, they can't exactly use the terms "Facebook" or "Myspace" to talk about popular social media sites, so they've invented their own.   

What are the funniest fake websites from Law & Order: SVU? Face Union is definitely a top contender. Seldom does an SVU episode go by that doesn't bring up this popular social media site. It seems like all the hip college kids and high schoolers are connected through Face Union, just like young adults in the real world are addicted to Facebook. For some reason, no adults in the SVU universe have Face Union accounts, but nearly every child crime involves looking up someone's latest profile pic or cryptic post. 

Other fake websites from SVU include chat rooms like Slasher Fan and Soccer Rulez, dark blogs like Catching the Train and ScratchYourItch.net, and a bunch of fake pornography sites like The Rack Menagerie and Lolitaville.  

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    Face Union

    FaceUnion is Law & Order: SVU's version of Facebook. Whenever the detectives need hip answers to what the kids are up to these days, they simply log in and scan the victim - or perpetrator's - Face Union account. 
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    Perv Pointer

    Perv Pointer is a web application that allows you to find registered sex offenders in your neighborhood with the touch of a button. 
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    Tasty Sugar

    Tasty Sugar is a websites where Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies can connect. A Sugar Daddy is a rich, older male who sexually fetishizes financially supporting a young, hot Sugar Baby. 
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    The Swingset

    The Swingset is an adult playground for swinger couples looking to hook up with other swingers. It boasts a nightly buffet, which really sounds like the best part of the whole deal. 
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