The Greatest Costumes In 'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout' Of All Time

Attention all beans! We are ranking the greatest Fall Guys costume of all time!  The popular obstacle battle royale game challenges its players through a series of wacky and over-the-top courses in 60 player lobbies that truly tests their skills, establishing itself as one of the best battle royale games of the year. One of the reasons the game is continuing its ever increasing popularity are the fun and goofy costumes that every Fall Guy can wear. While every original costume in Fall Guys have their own unique charm, they give some of the best crossover skins in Fall Guys a run for their money. The best Fall Guys skins are the ones that properly encapsulates the goofy nature of a mascot costume and are completely memorable. 

Some of the best Fall Guys skins such as Chicken, Hotdog, and Raptor are considered the best due to their simplicity and overall design as it fits a Fall Guy bean so well. Meanwhile special Fall Guys costumes such as Pegwin Repair Team, Wind Up Robot, and Lord of the Lamp have players absolutely excited for the amount of details of each costume and how it stands out from the rest. Then there are costumes such as Big Yeetus, and Long Guy that look absolutely ridiculous, but were included as an inside joke for the Fall Guys community, making these Fall guys skins all the more meaningful and sentimental to the fan base. Which Fall Guys skin do you think is the best?

Vote up the greatest Fall Guys skins of all time and be sure check back as we update this list with more fun costumes introduced in every new season! Be sure to check out every Fall Guys minigame ranked from best to worst!

Ranked by
  • Golden Hotdog

    Golden Hotdog

    87 votes

    Rarity: Legendary

  • Axolotl


    25 votes

    Rarity: Rare

  • Muddy Explorer

    Muddy Explorer

    7 votes

    Rarity: Rare

  • French Fries

    French Fries

    74 votes

    Rarity: Rare

  • Big Yeetus

    Big Yeetus

    73 votes

    Rarity: Epic

  • The Kraken

    The Kraken

    60 votes

    Rarity: Epic