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The Best Halloween Episodes On 'Family Guy'

Here are the best Family Guy Halloween episodes, including new episodes from the latest season. Whether you're looking for the one where Stewie and Brian go trick-or-treating in "Halloween on Spooner Street" or when the Griffin family gets haunted by ghosts in "Petergeist," this list of Family Guy Halloween episodes also includes popular fan favorites, like "Viewer Mail," "Petrnormal Activity," and "And Then There Were Fewer." What is your favorite Halloween episode from Family Guy

Vote up the best Family Guy Halloween specials, and see where they rank among the funniest Family Guy episodes of all time.

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    Memorable Quotes:

    Stewie: Brian please this is my first Halloween and it's ruined.

    Bully [mocking]: Hey kid, nice costume.
    Stewie: Really? Oh, my God, thank you so much; my mother bought it for me, and I was worried it would be a tad banal, but if you big kids like it then it must be pretty cool!

    Lois: [to Chris about his Halloween costume] You can't just walk around in Blackface. It's racist. Now go upstairs and put on that Indian chief costume I bought you.

    Peter and Joe team up to execute a series of painful and humiliating Halloween pranks on unsuspecting family, friends and neighbors. While Brian shows Stewie the ropes of trick-or-treating, Meg sets out to attend her first high school Halloween party with high hopes for the evening.  ...more
    • Original Airing: Nov 07 2010
    • Season: 9
    • Episode Number: 4
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    Memorable Quotes:

    Tom: A bit of breaking news, a local family is forced out of their home by ghosts! Who are they gonna call?
    Diane: Ghostbusters, Tom?
    Tom: No, Diane. Their insurance company. That's just stupid what you said.

    Brian: You know, we wouldn't be messing around with ghosts if you hadn't desecrated an Indian's remains.
    Peter: Probably not a good time to mention I'm using the skull as an athletic cup.

    Peter wants to top Joe, who just built a new home theater system, so he starts to build a multiplex in his backyard. In doing so, he discovers an Indian burial ground. He finds an Indian chief's skull and the Griffin house becomes haunted. Stewie gets sucked into the television and strange events follow as they try to get Stewie back from the poltergeist.  ...more
    • Original Airing: May 07 2006
    • Season: Family Guy - Season 4
    • Episode Number: 26
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    Memorable Quotes:

    Stewie: You know, despite all the craziness this weekend, I feel like a lot of people were looking at me like I was really attractive. Which makes me think that I'm gonna grow up to be good-looking.
    Brian: What part of that statement is supposed to lure me into a conversation?
    Stewie: I talk to you about wet tennis balls!
    Brian: Oh, come on!
    Stewie: We're in a fight!

    Seamus: CBS knows what we want.
    Herbert: Yeah, they get our generation.
    Seamus: They do. They really do. I switch over for the Leno though.
    Herbert: Yeah, me too. I'm glad he's back. I don't know who that month-old jack o' lantern was, but I didn't get this brand of humor.

    Stewie: You know how I would've killed James Woods?
    Brian: How?
    Stewie: I would have electrocuted him causing a temporary paralysis, and while he was still conscious but unable to move, I would've reached into his anus and pulled out his lower intestine slowly, hand over hand like a fancy magician scarf trick; then I would fashion the intestine in a crude giraffe and give it to his children as a Christmas stocking stuffer...and then as his eyes start to close in final submission to death's cold embrace, I'd point to the ceiling and say, "Is that your card?", and stuck to the ceiling is the card that he picked earlier. Oh, I forget to tell you, he picked a card earlier.
    Brian: Wow! You're an artist.
    Stewie: Oh, thanks, you're nice. I screwed that up.

    In this murder mystery special, The Griffins as well as all the other major characters become trapped in a mansion while they are killed off one by one.  ...more
    • Original Airing: Sep 26 2010
    • Season: Family Guy - Season 9
    • Episode Number: 1
    • Series: Family Guy
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  • Photo: Fox

    Memorable Quotes:

    Peter: What if God is a serial killer? He lowers the average lifespan of humans to sixty five and there are many exceptions based on genetics and diet.
    Cleveland: That's stupid. I ain't never heard of somebody live to sixty five.

    Stewie: You are just horrible. You're even worse than those people who take dumps in the shower. [Cut to Meg taking a shower]
    Meg: What? Why are you cutting to me? What did somebody say? Whatever they say I do, I don't do.

    When the guys go to an abandoned asylum to gain inspiration for a new horror movie, they accidentally kill a man; Annoyed with Brian's perceived pretension, Stewie endeavors to destroy them.

    • Original Airing: Oct 25 2015
    • Season: 14
    • Episode Number: 4
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