The Best Stewie Episodes of 'Family Guy'

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Every character in the Griffin family is essential to Family Guy, but it's safe to say that none of them are as iconic as Stewie. Sure, Brian is the straight man who says what we're all thinking and Meg is the infinite punching bag of the series, but Stewie is one of the single most recognizable and greatest cartoon characters ever created. Since Family Guy's debut in 1999, Stewie has been a lot of things, from a homosexual caricature to a homicidal maniac to a British baby that the rest of the Griffins may or may not be able to understand. But as he's cycled through all of those personalities Stewie Griffin has remained one thing; hilarious.

Some of the best Family Guy episodes are the ones that are completely Stewie-centric, as they are often classics that show off the best of what Family Guy can be. While fans and former fans of the show can complain about quality decline over the show's 17 seasons, the best Stewie episodes always feel like classic Family Guy

So let's grab our ray gun, eat some cool whip, and hope that victory is ours, because it's time to rank the best Stewie episodes of Family Guy