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The Best Thanksgiving Episodes On 'Family Guy'

Here are the best Family Guy Thanksgiving episodes, including new episodes from the latest season. Whether you're looking for the one where Peter has to find a last-minute turkey in "Turkey Guys" or when Joe's son returns home in "Thanksgiving," this list of Family Guy Thanksgiving episodes also includes popular fan favorites, like "Peter's Sister." What is your favorite Thanksgiving episode from Family Guy

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    Joe's son, who was reported missing in Iraq, suddenly and unexpectedly appears during Thanksgiving dinner, but the story of his disappearance doesn't add up.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Tom Tucker: Happy Turkey Day, Quahog. This is Tom Tucker and Joyce Kinney live at the parade. We've got some on-and-off drizzle here today and we're a little wet, as you can see, because apparently there are no awnings that exist anywhere. There's your top news story right there: mysterious awning shortage ravages the northeast. But miraculously has not affected Channels Two or Six!

    Lois: Okay, everyone, it's 2:30! Time for dinner! 'Cause on Thanksgiving, 2:30 is dinnertime for some reason!

    • Original Airing: Nov 20 2011
    • Season: 10
    • Episode Number: 6
    • Series: Family Guy
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    Turkey Guys

    On the night before Thanksgiving, Peter and Brian get drunk and eat the whole turkey, so they have to get a new one on Thanksgiving Day. With Peter gone, Stewie tries to help Chris take over as the man of the house.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Brian: Peter, do you not see that we are completely screwed here? And it's all thanks to you! You drove my car into a lake, you almost let me drown, you got us thrown off a bus, you broke our bike and now you've gotten our turkey stolen and Thanksgiving is ruined and we don't have any transportation and we're still miles from home!
    Peter: You're starting to get black gums like an older dog.
    Brian: You know what? You know what? Maybe it's my fault. I forgot, I'm talking to a complete idiot. You are so stupid!
    Peter: Oh, yeah? Well, if I'm so stupid, then how did I manage to frame you for eating the turkey?
    Brian: What?
    Peter: Yeah! Didn't you notice you were passed out in all those photos? You didn't eat any of
    it. I just posed you like that because I didn't want to take all the blame.
    Brian: You son of a bitch! How could you do that to me?
    Peter: You're a dog, Brian. I can throw you off a bridge and as long as I don't hit a person on a boat, it's okay.

    Lois: Chris, are Brian or your Father back yet?
    Chris: No, and why are you saying the dogs name before dads?
    Stewie: It's weird. That is weird, You're right.

    • Original Airing: Nov 16 2014
    • Season: 13
    • Episode Number: 5
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    Peter gets himself arrested to avoid Lois' special Thanksgiving dinner; A secret that Stewie's been keeping from everyone is revealed.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Lois: We having people over! I just got off the phone with my mom and all the Pewterschmidts are coming here for Thanksgiving.
    Peter: I can't believe you invited the whole family. You know I hate big Thanksgivings.
    Lois: Don't worry, Peter. It's gonna be fun and I can handle most of the prep, myself. I just need you to go to the market and get some extra napkins.
    Peter: That's not so bad.
    Lois: Oh, and pick up some wine for the adults.
    Peter: I can do that.
    Lois: And put the extra leaf in the dining room table.
    Peter: F*************CK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brian: You have prison pen pals?
    Stewie: Yes, a lot of people write prisoners. Even Hollywood celebrity, Kal Penn.
    Brian: Kal Penn writes a prisoner?
    Stewie: Yeah, Ken. He lives in California. You've never heard of Kal Penn's pen pal, Ken in the Cal Pen?
    Brian: How could I possibly have heard of Kal Penn's pen pal, Ken in the Cal Pen?

    • Original Airing: November 24, 2019
    • Season: 18
    • Episode Number: 8
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    Peter's Sister

    Peter's sister Karen comes over for Thanksgiving, while Stewie goes a little too far as he and Brian go on a cleanse to avoid overeating.

    Memorable Quotes:

    TV Announcer: We now return to the Cosby Show, knowing what we know now!
    [the Cosby Show intro plays out, featuring Cosby dancing amidst his doped-up co-stars]
    Peter: Huh. I was so busy not seeing color, I didn't see the raping either.

    Stewie: Whoa, whoa, whoa slow down. Save your appetite and don't think I haven't noticed you've already had two drinks.
    Brian: You are all the worst parts of a girlfriend.

    • Original Airing: Nov 15 2015
    • Season: 14
    • Episode Number: 6
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