The Best New Family & Kids Shows Of 2021

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Vote up the best shows for kids and families that premiered their first season in 2021.

UPDATED: Check out The Best New Family & Kids Shows of 2022 and see what other new kids shows are upcoming!

The best new kids shows of 2021 kept their audience in mind while not pandering and new TV series for families kept both parents and children entertained at the same time. From characters parents will be familiar with to adaptations of favorite modern kids books, the new kids and family TV series that premiered in 2021 was there to teach and entertain.

The Peanuts were back on Apple+ with The Snoopy Show, bringing us on his adventures with Woodstock. Kid Cosmic may be a new story but kids and parents alike may recognize the work of Craig McCraken, who created The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. In this new series, a young boy-turned-hero finds the job is both more difficult and more fun than he imagined it could be.

Vote up the best new family and kids series that aired for the first time in 2021.