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The Best Family Movies Streaming on Hulu

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Ever since renting a VHS from Blockbuster went the way of the dodo, families have been using online streaming services like Hulu to create a new version of "family night." The best family movies on Hulu have a little something for everyone to enjoy, from mom and dad, to the younger kids, to teenagers, and everyone in between. Enjoy these movies side by side on the couch with your family. And please remember to share the popcorn with your sister, okay? 

Dr. Seuss's children's books-turned-films are well represented on this list of the best family movies streaming on Hulu. Here, you'll find 1972's The Lorax ,and two oldies but goodies: Dr. Seuss on the Loose and The Cat in the Hat. Hulu also has the ever-lovable Snoopy, Come Home—a Peanuts movie that's a definite must for Charlie Brown fans. For a guaranteed laugh, try out movies like Bad News Bears, a remake of the classic starring Billy Bob Thornton. Other great family movies on Hulu right now include Kazaam (starring none other than Shaquille O'Neal), Babe, and Spy Kids 2, among many others.

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