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Famous Actors Who Played Famous Queens, Ranked By Regality

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If you're an actress angling for an Oscar or an Emmy, playing a historical queen is a time-tested way to at least score a nomination, and maybe even hoist the gold. Actresses of any age can find the right period of history to show off their chops - and take advantage of some luxurious costume design into the bargain. We've rounded up some of the most impressive screen queens from over 80 years of film and TV history. Which actresses who have played queens make you want to say, "Your Majesty"?

  • Photo: Elizabeth: The Golden Age / Universal Pictures

    Cate Blanchett first played Queen Elizabeth I in 1998's Elizabeth, and reprised the role for 2006's Elizabeth: The Golden Age. She received Oscar nominations for both performances.

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    • Birthplace: Ivanhoe, Australia
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  • Photo: The Crown / Netflix

    The first and youngest incarnation of Queen Elizabeth II in the decades-spanning 2016 Netflix series The Crown was performed by Claire Foy, who won two SAG awards, one Emmy, and one Golden Globe for the portrayal.

    • Age: 37
    • Birthplace: Stockport, England, UK
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    Helen Mirren As Queen Elizabeth II

    Photo: The Queen / Pathé Distribution

    Helen Mirren won the Oscar for Best Actress, and the corresponding BAFTA award, for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film The Queen. The film dramatizes Elizabeth's struggle to deal shifting public opinion and anti-Royal sentiment following the 1997 demise of the beloved Princess Diana.

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    • Photo: The King's Speech / The Weinstein Company

      Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, known to later generations as the Queen Mum, was herself Queen of England during World War II, a time during which she helped her husband, King George VI, with his stuttering difficulties. The relationship was dramatized in 2010's The King's Speech, in which the Queen was played by Helena Bonham-Carter. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, while the film itself took the Oscar for Best Picture.

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      • Birthplace: Golders Green, London, United Kingdom
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