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Fan Art Of Lily Evans And Severus Snape That Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

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Before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, few book readers could have predicted that the tragic relationship between Lily Evans and Severus Snape would emerge at the center of everything. But J. K. Rowling managed to pack one of the most effective gut punches in the entire series when she revealed that Snape had loved Lily his entire life.

From the moment they met as children through their separation at Hogwarts, and even years after her death, the Snape x Lily relationship is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful. No wonder Harry Potter fans obsess over this pairing of great characters that never happened. The fan art of Lily and Severus that has popped up online over the years has been predictably spectacular and emotional.

Snape and Lily fan art ranges from imagined moments between the two during their shared tenure as students at Hogwarts to visualizations of how much Snape must have missed her. Take a look at the very best fan art of Lily and Snape on the Internet, and don't forget the tissues.

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    Snape's Patronus Was The Key To Everything

    Photo: Arriku / Pinterest

    This emotional and magical piece of fan art was created by Arriku.

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    Study Buddies For Life

    Lily and Severus relax together in this awesome fan art by Kyla79.

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    What Snape Sees When He Looks In The Mirror Of Erised

    Robbertopoli reminds you that Harry isn't the only one who might use the mirror to grieve.

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    A Moment Of Kindness Unites Snape And Lily

    Patatomato highlights the sweet origins of Lily and Snape's relationship.

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