20 Of The Best Fan-Made Funko Pop! Toys For The Nerd Who Has It All

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There are few toy brands able to capture the same kind of popularity that Funko has with their unique, nerd-tailored Pop! figures. In case you find the company's wide-range of (at times rare and expensive) figures to be lacking, however, there are still plenty of fan-made Funko Pop! toys available online as well.

These Funko Pop! characters are not cheap knock-offs. In fact, some of the best Funko Pop! characters are actually ones that fans have designed – whether it be unique twists on beloved Marvel characters or figures designed for fans of niche properties not quite popular enough to receive their own official Funko line as of yet.

Here are some of the best fan-made (and hard to find) Funko Pop! toys to have shown up online over the years.