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The Fantasy Football Pundits You Turn To First

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List RulesVote up the columnists, pundits, and experts you look to when building your fantasy football team.

Fantasy football is serious business in 2019, and even beginners will devote hours to research and planning for their drafts and for getting through their season, all with eyes on a championship. But with all the information, all the rankings out there, it helps to have a guide to navigate you through the fantasy football world.

Whether you're playing a standard league or a dynsaty league or trying your hand at daily fantasy, the best fantasy football advice sites will give you all the facts and stats you need to be able to make the best decisions possible in building your team. The top websites in sports, such as ESPN and Pro Football Focus, have their top fantasy pundits like Matthew Berry and Jeff Ratcliffe. But beyond the big names, personal blogs and websites like The Fantasy Footballers and David Gonos have found a niche the fantasy sports game needs.

So which are the fantasy football rankings you look to first when preparing for your draft? Whose name is at the top of the list of fantasy football pundits that you turn to for fantasy advice? Vote up fantasy football experts you trust the most, then head over and make your own rankings for the top fantasy football QBs and running backs of 2019.

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    JJ Zachariason

    Site: The Late Round podcast
    Twitter: @LateRoundQB

    With more than 250 episodes in its first two years, JJ Zachariason's Late Round podcast is a treasure trove of information and insight for fantasy football owners. Just about every fantasy topic under the sun has been covered on the show, and nearly all of the episodes are short and sweet, making them easily digestible.

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    Drew Loftis

    Site: The Fantasy Madman
    Twitter: @NYPost_Loftis

    Fantasy Insanity columnist at the New York Post, Drew Loftis has earned the title of The Fantasy Madman through a wild devotion to fantasy football and fantasy drafting strategy. He has been known to draft upward of 100 to 150 times in a season to test out his draft rankings (his own DVQ system) in real-world situations.

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    Jeff Ratcliffe

    Site: PFF Fantasy!
    Twitter: @JeffRatcliffe

    Pro Football Focus is one of the most trusted names in football news, and Jeff Ratcliffe’s PFF-backed podcast brings all of that history and knowledge to the fantasy football game. While the episodes of the podcast are short, they are dense and speak to longtime owners and novices alike.

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    Andy Holloway, Jason Moor, and Mike Wright

    Site: The Fantasy Footballers
    Twitter: @theffballers

    The Fantasy Footballers podcast has been around since 2014, and the three hosts at the center of it are inseparable in their insights, their banter, and their love of the (fantasy) game. Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright try their best to look beyond the stats and the spreadsheets to find the human strategic elements that make fantasy sports so fascinating and fun.

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    Shawn Siegele

    Site: Rotoviz Radio
    Twitter: @FF_Contrarian

    Shawn Siegele is the ultimate fantasy football contrarian, and as the best owners know, taking the contrary position at the right moment, can be the difference between a fantasy championship and a lost season. Particularly with daily fantasy leagues, finding the slightest edge is the most important part of a draft.

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    Site: ESPN
    Twitter: @MatthewBerryTMR

    Matthew Berry's name has become synonymous in recent years with the fantasy football world. As the online fantasy sports boom took hold, Berry was at the forefront, hired in 2007 by ESPN as director of fantasy sports. Through his podcast, his articles, and his Love/Hate column on ESPN, Berry has become one of the leading voices in fantasy football.

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    Matt Waldman

    Site: The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
    Twitter: @MattWaldman

    Through his Rookie Scouting Portfolio, Matt Waldman has provided an invaluable resource for fantasy owners curious about the college prospects coming into the league and what their fantasy impact will be. This is particularly useful for owners in keeper and dynasty leagues, where it is possible to get in on the ground floor with a prospect and ride that player to success for years.

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    David Gonos

    Twitter: @davidgonos

    David Gonos, also a popular fantasy baseball writer, has made his name not necessarily as a pundit in the fantasy sports world but as a resource for fantasy players. His blog is loaded with insights and anecdotes about life as a fantasy football player and fantasy football fan.

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    Matt Kelley

    Site: RotoUnderworld
    Twitter: @Fantasy_Mansion

    The self-styled “Podfather,” Matt Kelley is a gleeful villain in the narrative that is fantasy football. In a game where the consensus can take over and group-think can be overwhelming, Kelley never lets what the rest of fantasy football world is doing affect his decisions or his thought process. If anything, Kelley provides the perfect devil’s advocate where it is desperately needed.

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    Nate Liss

    Site: Breakout Finder
    Twitter: @AnOutragedJew, @breakout_finder

    One of the founders of Breakout Finder, Nate Liss is also known for his work on the RotoUnderworld podcast. Liss’ has devoted his career to predicting the next big star, which is about as valuable a skill as there can be in the fantasy football world. Liss has garnered fans with his insights into college players and his ability to project NFL success.

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    Josh Norris

    Site: Rotoworld Football Podcast
    Twitter: @JoshNorris

    Rotoworld is the first name in the fantasy sports world, a hub of information and insight that fantasy owners across the spectrum of sports count on. Josh Norris is a perfect host for the Rotoworld podcast, drawing out the expertise of his guests and getting the best out of the Rotoworld stable of writers.

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    Pat Fitzmaurice

    Site: Fitz on Fantasy
    Twitter: @Fitz_FF

    Started just before the 2018 NFL season, the Fitz on Fantasy podcast has quickly become a must listen for fantasy football owners. The brainchild of Pat Fitzmaurice, the podcast is unique in its focus on the process of being a fantasy owner, rather than simply the results of a draft or even a season.