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The Best Episodes of Fantasy Island

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People are granted the opportunity to live out their dreams with each visit to Fantasy Island. Some great Fantasy Island episodes are about experiencing a fairytale romance while other good episodes feature people reaching for their goals. A few good episodes of Fantasy Island find Mr. Roarke and Tattoo helping visitors reunite with loved ones.

What are the best episodes of Fantasy Island? “The Ghost's Story/Spoilers” from season five is a fan favorite. This episode finds a woman meeting a ghost and a bounty hunter searching for a bank robber. “The Lady and the Longhorn/Vampire” is also a compelling episode of the series, Fantasy Island.

“The Challenge/A Genie Named Joe” is another good episode from Fantasy Island as is “Amusement Park/Rock Stars” in which Jimmy Baio, Scott Baio, Keith Coogan, and Jill Whelan play orphaned siblings trying to stay together.

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