The Best Fantasy Movies Of 2022

The best fantasy movies of 2022 really capture our imagination. Pixar and Disney have a great fantasy film with Turning Red as mother and daughter try to reconcile their differences. But if mermaids are your thing, you'll want to try and catch The King's Daughter starring Peirce Brosnan as King Louis XIV, who is obsessed with obtaining immortality. There are plenty of others, including Everything Everywhere All at Once and Fistful of Vengeance if martial arts and fantasy are a great mix of genres for you. Without a doubt, there are tons of good 2022 fantasy movies coming out.

Vote up your favorite 2022 fantasy movies and vote down the ones you think other fans should skip. The best part is that you can vote for all your favorites, not just one. Then be sure to check back as new and upcoming fantasy movies are released and added to the list throughout the year.