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The Best Fantasy Movies for 10 Year Old Kids

Updated 9 May 2019 686 votes 32 voters33 items

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If you’re concerned about which movies are appropriate for your young one to watch, this list of fantasy movies for 10 year old kids can be a good guide. The roundup is a mix of PG and G rated films. Some are animated, some are live-action. But, they are all timeless.

The best fantasy films for 10 year olds have the ability to keep the attention of a group of kids raised with endless entertainment options. However, nothing will ever compare to the magic of the cinema. These top fantasy films are only limited by your child’s own imagination.

From Wonderland to a delicious chocolate factory to the frozen world of Arendelle, the tales from these fantasy films for ten year old kids should be the cornerstone of any childhood. The only question is which are the best fantasy films for ten year old kids? That can only be decided by you. Vote up all your favorites.  

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