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The Best Fantasy Movies for 11 Year Old Kids

Updated 9 May 2019 675 votes 31 voters59 items

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Perhaps no genre in film offers its spectators the opportunity to escape like a fantasy movie. There are so many magical movies to choose from, but which are the best fantasy films that 11 year olds can watch?

A magical baseball diamond in the middle of a corn field in Iowa (Field of Dreams). A conventional Disney Princess is forced out of her animated comfort zone and launched into the live-action hustle and bustle world of modern day New York City (Enchanted). A mother and daughter swap bodies after eating magical fortune cookies (Freaky Friday). Those are just a few of the mysteriously miraculous narratives in these top fantasy films for 11 year olds.

If your tween is having a sleepover party or just needs a couple hours of escapism, these appropriate movies for eleven year olds should do the trick. Make your voice heard and vote up the best fantasy movies you think 11 year old kids should watch. Don't see one of your favorites, go ahead and add it to the list. 

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