The Best Fantasy Movies for 12 Year Old Kids

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Vote up the best PG and G-Rated fantasy movies for twelve year old kids to watch.

Fantasy films are inherently magical and bring their spectators to a world created by pure imagination. The best fantasy films for 12 year olds feature selections from nearly every subgenre from science fiction to comedy. Here is the perfect list of fantasy movies for 12 year old kids.

Travel to the world of Oz and stroll down the yellow brick road. Enter the magical realm of Narnia, where animals can talk and magic is everywhere. Or, just stick around the planet Earth and find out what happens when a 12 year old boy’s wish to be big is granted by a fortune teller machine named Zoltar.

All of these fantasy films for twelve year olds are appropriate and are good for sleepover parties or lazy summer afternoons. Let us know what top fantasy films12 year olds should watch by voting up or down on the list below.

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