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The Best New Fantasy Shows Of 2021

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Whether it’s offering us magical escape or marvelous monsters to defeat, fantasy draws us in and the best fantasy shows of 2021 are ready to whisk you away. Though favorite fantasy franchises are returning to the small screen this yea, there are just as many new and fantastical worlds to explore with the new fantasy TV series premiering in 2021.

From the frightening 30 Coins, hailing from Spain to the close to home Trickster, originally from Canada and now airing on The CW, several of 2021’s most magical shows aren’t from the states but imported imaginative adventures. Even The Watch, based on characters from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels is British. But it’s not all international, and 2021 fantasy series include shows like the supernatural mystery Secrets of Sulphur Springs.

Check out the 2021 fantasy shows below and vote up the very best. You can also vote down shows that are far too mundane to be added to any watchlist.