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The Best Fantasy Football Team Names

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This amazing list of fantasy team names is filled with great funny football, basketball, hockey and baseball team names for you to pick from. Usually the team names are a play on the athletes skills or puns on common terms in specific sports with a twist of pop culture. With classic names like My Vick in a Box, Vanick! At the Disco and Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe. There are good fantasy team names for kids too; Favre Dollar Footlong and Wachta Talkin’ about Willis?!?! Also ranked are some of the best female fantasy football team names like Victorious Secret and The Pre-snap Madonnas. No great list is complete without the dirty, offensive and cruel fantasy team names like Plaxidently Shot My Self.

Featuring the best fantasy football names and other hilarious team name ideas, this list has it all. Rate the best fantasy team names and be sure to add your own team name to the list and vote it to the top to see which name is the most popular fantasy team name ever. Once you've got your team named, head over and check out the players you need for your team, with the best fantasy football QBs, the best fantasy RBs, and the best fantasy WRs.

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