The Best Characters on Fargo (the TV Show), Ranked

Given its as character driven as plot driven, there are many memorable Fargo characters on the popular FX series. All Fargo characters have unique personalities, motivations, and backstories. Even the villainous characters have a certain appeal to viewers. Who are the best Fargo characters? Vote below to help decide.  

The best characters on Fargo vary by season, as its an anthology series. The characters' unique personalities, spot-on accents, and unusual names all help them become fan favorites. In season one, you have characters like the Billy Bob Thornton's hit man persona Lorne Malvo and Allison Tomlin's dedicated cop Molly Solverson. In season two, some of the best people on Fargo include characters like Peggy and Ed Blumquist, Lou Solverson, and Hank Larsson. Finally, in season three, Fargo actors portray memorable characters like Emmit and Ray Stussy, Gloria Burgle, and Yuri Gurka. 

Out of all these characters, which one is truly the best? Browse this list of Fargo characters and vote up your favorites to help decide. 

Ranked by
  • Lorne Malvo
    391 votes
    Billy Bob Thornton
  • Mike Milligan
    277 votes

    Mike Milligan

    Bokeem Woodbine
  • Lou Solverson
    274 votes
    Patrick Wilson, Keith Carradine
  • Mr. Wrench
    218 votes

    Mr. Wrench

    Russell Harvard
  • Hank Larsson
    182 votes
    Ted Danson
  • Hanzee Dent
    271 votes
    Mark Acheson, Zahn McClarnon