The Best Fashions from the 1960s 

Samantha Dillinger
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Many people think of hippie fashion when they think of fashions from the 1960s, but in reality, there were many fashion trends inspired by diverse groups during this groovy decade. From British mod fashion to the classic styles of Jackie Kennedy, 1960s fashion was diverse, with clothing and hairstyles to suit all personalities. This list highlights the best fashions of the 1960s, from psychedelic hippie gear to sophisticated, polished looks.

Women in the 1960s could finally begin to express all types of personalities through their fashion choices. Classic fashionistas often opted for the simple elegance of the little black dress (now sometimes abbreviated LBD), which was brought to prominence by none other than Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Then, there were the women who wanted peace, love, and happiness. They could often be found rocking love beads, bell bottoms, and tie-dye.

Men’s 1960s fashions were equally diverse, with some of the best 60s trends coming straight from London. Who can deny the appeal of mod fashion, with its tailored suits and cravats? These 1960s fashions were known for clean lines and were all class. Of course, men embraced the best hippie fashions of the 1960s as well, donning tie-dye and bell bottoms just as often as the ladies did.

Whether your favorite 1960s style is mod, rocker, or hippie, you’ll find all of the greatest 1960s fashions and trends on this list. Some were tame (the knit polo) and some always drew attention (the fringed buckskin jacket), but all are memorable, earning them a place on this list of the best fashions from the 1960s.

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Capri Trousers
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Shift Dress
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