The Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

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Chicken nuggets from fast food restaurants

The best fast food chicken nuggets include those classic bite-sized chunks of breaded and fried chicken, the crispy chicken strips and some tasty unbreaded chicken options. Chicken nuggets are a staple of any fast food restaurant and beloved by children everywhere but not all fast food chicken nuggets are created equal. Which top fast food restaurants have the best chicken nuggets? You decide that by voting on, adding to or re-ranking this list below!

Unsurprisingly, many of the top-rated fast food chicken nuggets are those produced by restaurants that specialize in chicken. Chick-fil-A, KFC, Popeyes, Bojangles', and Church's Chicken all earned top marks with their selection of chicken nuggets, chunks, bites, strips ,and popcorn chicken. Generally available in mild, spicy or extra crispy varieties, depending on the chain, these places are often tastier, juicier, and crispier than those available at standard burger joints.

That said, chicken nuggets at burger restaurants are not bad either, as they increasingly compete to have the best fast food chicken strips and nuggets. McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Sonic, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr, Arby's, and Dairy Queen are all accounted for on this list, so they all have a shot at the best chicken nuggets title.

While most are breaded, some chicken varieties stand out from the pack for their nakedness. Popeyes' menu offers a naked tenders that's seasoned with Cajun spices. Jack in the Box offers grilled tenders. Bojangles' roasts and marinades their chicken bites. None have any of that gluten- and carb-filled breading but how do these options stack up against the breaded nuggets? That's up to you, Rankers. Want more fast food chicken? Vote for the best fast food chicken sandwiches too!

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