The Best Fast Food Hot Sauces

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Spicy sauce from fast food restaurants

The best fast food hot sauces are those spicy and tangy condiments we love the most available at fast food and fast casual restaurants around the country. While not every food needs hot sauce, when you're chowing down on one of the best fast food tacos, surely a delicious mildly spicy or fire-breathingly hot sauce is not far behind.

For fast food and fast casual restaurants that offer tacos, burritos and other Mexican-style food as their specialty, having the best sauce or salsa can be what sets them apart from the others. Taco Bell offers a number of sauces from their basic mild sauce to their fire sauce and non-traditional sauces in their Border Salsa line. Other restaurants, such as Chipotle, Qdoba and Del Taco offer similar choices in hot sauce and salsa with options in varying levels of spiciness.

But the best fast food hot sauces are not limited to the taco joints, though those places certainly have the best fast food burritos around. Traditional burger shops also stock a limited variety of hot sauces. McDonalds, Burger King, Five Guys, Arby's and Jack in the Box all have hot sauces, either for their burrito items or as a dipping sauce for chicken. Fried chicken restaurants are no exception either with KFC, Popeyes, Church's and Bojangle's all have a number of tasty hot sauces.

So how do you like your fast food hot sauces? Do you like extremely spicy packets like the Del Taco Inferno Sauce or just with a hint of heat like Church's Creamy Jalapeno Sauce? However you like them, vote for them below to rank the best fast food hot sauces.

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