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The Best Fat Joe Albums, Ranked

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Presenting the best Fat Joe albums, ranked. This votable list includes each of the famous rapper and Terror Squad founder's nine solo LPs, from his first, 1993's Keep On Your Mean Side, to his most recent, 2010's The Darkside Vol.1, which would spawn two mixtape sequels. Additionally, you can vote on his collaborative studio albums: 2017's Plata O Plomo (with Remy Ma) and 2019's Family Ties (with Dre, of notable production duo Cool & Dre).

From old to new albums, the Fat Joe discography is full of gems, like his classic Don Cartagena, and Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E) series. But, it's up to you to decide which record is the best of the best. Vote up your favorite Fat Joe albums below to decide which one takes home the gold.

  • Don Cartagena is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Fat Joe Albums, Ranked
    Photo: Terror Squad, Mystic, Big Beat, Atlantic

    1. Courtroom Intro
    2. The Crack Attack
    3. Triplets (feat. Big Pun & Prospect)
    4. Find Out (feat. Armageddon) 
    5. Don Cartagena (feat. Puff Daddy) 
    6. My World (feat. Big Pun)
    7. John Blaze (feat. Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss & Raekwon) 
    8. Walk on By (feat. Charli Baltimore and Rell)  
    9. Dat Gangsta Sh*t
    10. Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz) (feat. Big Pun, Cuban Link & Triple Seis)
    11. Misery Needs Company (feat. Noreaga)  
    12. The Hidden Hand (feat. Terror Squad) 
    13. My Prerogative (feat. Armageddon)   
    14. Good Times (feat. Layzie Bone & Krayzie Bone)  
    15. Terror Squadians (feat. Terror Squad)

    • Release Date: 1998
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  • Represent is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Fat Joe Albums, Ranked
    Photo: Relativity, Violator

    1. A Word to Da Wise
    2. Livin' Fat
    3. My Man Ski
    4. Bad Bad Man
    5. Watch the Sound (feat. Grand Puba & Diamond D)
    6. Flow Joe
    7. Da Fat Gangsta
    8. Shorty Gotta Fat A**
    9. The Sh*t Is Real
    10. You Must Be Out of Your F****n' Mind (feat. Apache & Kool G Rap)
    11. I Got This in a Smash
    12. Another Wild N****r from the Bronx (feat. Gismo, Keith Keith & King Sun)  
    13. Get on Up
    14. I'm a Hit That

    • Release Date: 1993
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  • Jealous One's Envy is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Fat Joe Albums, Ranked
    Photo: Relativity, Violator

    1. Bronx Tale (feat. KRS-One)
    2. Success
    3. Envy
    4. Gangbanging Interlude
    5. Fat Joe's in Town (feat. Doo Wop) 
    6. Part Deux
    7. King NY
    8. The Sh*t Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
    9. Fat Joe's Way
    10. Respect Mine (feat. Raekwon) 
    11. Watch Out (featuring Armageddon, Big Pun & Keith Nut) 
    12. Say Word
    13. Success (DJ Premier Remix)
    14. Dedication
    15. Bronx Keeps Creating It

    • Release Date: 1995
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  • 1. Warning (feat. Kat Dahlia)
    2. Swear to God (feat. Kent Jones)
    3. Spaghetti (feat. Kent Jones)
    4. All The Way Up (feat. French Montana & Infrared)
    5. How Can I Forget (feat. Kent Jones)
    6. How Long 
    7. Go Crazy (feat. Sevyn Streeter & BJ the Chicago Kid)
    8. Heartbreak (feat. The-Dream & Vindata)
    9. Cookin (feat. French Montana & RySoValid)
    10. Money Showers (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
    11. Too Quick (feat. Kingston)
    12. Dreamin (feat. Stephanie Mills)

    Pitchfork score: 5.3

    • Release Date: 2017
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