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Actors Whose Whole Thing Is Being Your Father

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Unless you're going for that whole "rebellious teen thing," you never really want to let your dad down. There is a certain ineffable feeling that comes with disappointing your father. They don't even need to let you know that you've disappointed them... because you're disappointed with yourself. 

There are certain actors who just have an innate ability to embody all things dad. Some actors don't have to be playing a dad - or even a father figure - to inhabit that paternal energy; it just seeps out in their performance and has an effect on the audience. We're talking about the guys who could be having a meltdown while playing a four-star general in the middle of a crisis and you just sit there and say, "Hey, I think I'd like to go out in the front yard and throw a baseball with that man. Maybe talk about life? Pick his brain a little bit?"

On this list, we're going to break down some of the best Dudes Who Dad (copyright pending) in Hollywood. Get ready to beg for some life lessons and some hard-earned approval.

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    Kevin Kline has the mystique of a sophisticated dad you'd think would lambast you if you let him down, but would ultimately prove to be understanding in the end. Something about the classically trained actor's delivery just feels professorial and authoritative in a way that's hard to put your finger on.

    These qualities make him perfect for roles like 2002's The Emperor's Club, where he played a fictional prep school teacher in the 1970s, or as Belle's beloved father from the live-action Beauty and the Beast adaptation. Kline's dad-like sincerity is hard to deny.

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    It's hard to imagine Kelsey Grammer as a young man. It feels like he was born into middle age on the set of Cheers when the production team was struggling to find someone to play Dr. Frasier Crane.

    Could you imagine a child having the sophisticated speaking style of Grammer? It just doesn't make sense. Any time you see the man on screen, it seems like he should be sitting in a leather armchair while reading a dry history novel with a pipe in his mouth.

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