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The Best Featherweight Boxers of All Time

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List RulesAny boxer who competed in the featherweight division is eligible.

The best featherweight boxers are all time are the most successful and most legendary boxers ever to compete in the weight class in the history of the sport. Typically with a weight limit of 126 pounds, the featherweight class has seen its fair share of stars throughout the years between the champions who helped the sport rise to prominence many decades ago to the top featherweight boxers of today.

Looking back into the history books, many names pop up as among not only the best featherweight boxers ever but the best boxers of all time. The likes of Willie Pep, who is regarded by many as the best featherweight boxer ever, Henry Armstrong, Sandy Saddler, Abe Attell, George Dixon, Young Griffo and Terry McGovern all saw success in the late 19th century and early 20th century. While which of these boxers should be regarded higher than another is debated, all set the tone for many generations of featherweight boxers to come.

Fast forward to modern times and the men who are dominating the weight class have quickly made their place as among the greats of yesteryear. Juan Manuel Marquez, Naseem Hamed and even Manny Pacquiao, who often fights in other weight classes and is also considered one of the best lightweight boxers of all time, are all names both to watch now and later when their career accomplishments are stacked up against other all-time greats.

So whether you rank the classic boxers above the stars of today or vice versa, share your rankings for the top featherweight boxers of all time below by voting for your favorites, adding any not already listed or clicking re-rank to put these best featherweight boxers in your own order.