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The 20 Best Female Anime Characters Of 2018

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The year 2018 has been great for anime, which means there's a lot to celebrate. Whether it's comedy, romance, or action anime, amazing characters have emerged across all anime genres this year. These characters have made you laugh and cry, as well as given you something to talk about with your friends, so it's time to show them some love. Let's zero in on the new female anime characters of 2018.

Who were the best female anime characters of 2018? That depends on what kinds of characters you enjoy, but there were some truly fabulous contenders. If you prefer stoic characters who aren't socially gifted but make up for it with incredible technical skill, you might love the title character of Violet Evergarden. If you like cheerful girls who are doing their best, you might like Red Blood Cell from Cells at Work. All of these girls have some reason to deserve their moment in the spotlight. 

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    Red Blood Cell - 'Cells At Work'

    Red Blood Cell works hard to deliver oxygen to all the other cells in the body she calls home. She gets lost often and makes a lot of mistakes - but she's cute and tries so hard that it hardly matters. 

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    Alice Zuberg - 'Sword Art Online: Alicization'

    Alice Zuberg is a mischievous girl who was arrested at age 11 for violating the law of the land. Since that incident, she became an Integrity Knight, someone who is in charge of protecting Quinella, the founder of the Axiom Church.  

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    Nadeshiko Kagamihara - 'Laid-Back Camp'

    Nadeshiko Kagamihara - 'Laid-Back Camp'
    Photo: C-Station

    Nadeshiko Kagamihara is a cheerful, energetic girl who loves eating and having fun experiences. After moving to a new town, she spends her time camping with her new friends.

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    Olivia - 'Asobi Asobase'

    Olivia - 'Asobi Asobase'
    Photo: Lerche

    Olivia is one of the three members of the Pastimers Club, an unofficial school club that spends its time playing games that range from absurd to risky. Her parents are foreigners, but she doesn't speak any English - only Japanese.

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