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The 20 Best Female Anime Characters Of 2018

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The year 2018 has been great for anime, which means there's a lot to celebrate. Whether it's comedy, romance, or action anime, amazing characters have emerged across all anime genres this year. These characters have made you laugh and cry, as well as given you something to talk about with your friends, so it's time to show them some love. Let's zero in on the new female anime characters of 2018.

Who were the best female anime characters of 2018? That depends on what kinds of characters you enjoy, but there were some truly fabulous contenders. If you prefer stoic characters who aren't socially gifted but make up for it with incredible technical skill, you might love the title character of Violet Evergarden. If you like cheerful girls who are doing their best, you might like Red Blood Cell from Cells at Work. All of these girls have some reason to deserve their moment in the spotlight. 

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    Chisa Kotegawa - 'Grand Blue'

    Chisa Kotegawa - 'Grand Blue'
    Photo: Zero-G

    Chisa Kotegawa may seem standoffish at first, but she's actually super nice - as long as you treat her with respect. She's passionate about diving and gets in the ocean every time she has a chance. 

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    Retsuko - 'Aggretsuko'

    Retsuko - 'Aggretsuko'
    Photo: Sanrio

    Who says a red panda can't be best girl? Retsuko is a millennial office worker who acts sweet and amicable most of the time, but when she sings karaoke, she belts out the relatable rage broiling in the pit of her soul. 

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    Shirase Kobuchizawa - 'A Place Further From The Universe'

    Shirase Kobuchizawa - 'A Place Further From The Universe'
    Photo: Madhouse

    If you love characters with strong, defined goals, you'll love Shirase Kobuchizawa, a teenage girl who is determined to make it to Antarctica no matter how unlikely it seems that she'll get there. Why Antarctica? Because her mother is a professional explorer who disappeared there. 

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    Yuu Koito - 'Bloom Into You'

    Yuu Koito - 'Bloom Into You'
    Photo: TROYCA

    Yuu Koito is a high school freshman who longs to feel love like what she's read about in shojo manga - but she's not finding it with boys. It takes meeting her female classmate Nanami to experience the love she's always hoped for. 

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