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The 20 Greatest Female Anime Villains of All Time

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Not all women are nice - actually, some of them are straight up evil. The best female anime villains are great for the same reasons that villains of other genders are: they have nefarious plans, interesting backstories, and are either so evil that seeing them get defeated is a joy, or so fascinating that you're almost kind of rooting for them despite their alignment. 

Among the best are Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist, Annie Leonhardt of Attack On Titan, Himiko Toga of My Hero Academia, Balalaika of Black Lagoon and more. Which villainous lady do you love to hate?

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    Himiko Toga - 'My Hero Academia'

    Himiko Toga is easily one of the wildest members of the League of Villains. When she likes someone, her first instinct is to stab them so that she can eat their blood and transform into them. Creepy? Yes. Strategically useful? Also yes.

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    Medusa Gorgon - 'Soul Eater'

    Medusa Gorgon is so blisteringly evil that she even uses her own child as fodder to suit her goals. Initially acting as a kindly school nurse, she eventually reveals her evil intent and revives the Kishin Asura.

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    Annie Leonhardt - 'Attack On Titan'

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    Annie Leonhardt, otherwise known as the Female Titan, is the main villain of the first season of the show. While her true motives aren't revealed until much later, she gives the Survey Corps a run for their money.

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    Balalaika - 'Black Lagoon'

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    Balalaika is a Russian crime lord who runs Hotel Moscow. Once a captain in the Soviet army, her current goal is to take over the Roanapur underground. She's a complicated character who is more morally grey than evil, but sometimes that's exactly what you need in a villain.

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