The Most Exciting Movies About Female Assassins

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What are the best female assassin movies? Now is your chance to weigh in. There is something about movies with women assassins that captures the attention of action fans. On the one hand, society generally teaches us that men are more aggressive and prone to violence. We're also very used to seeing films in which the guys are the ones snapping necks, firing weapons, and breaking bones. When you cast a woman in such a role, it provides a great change of pace. There's also the fact that these pictures prove women can be every bit as tough and lethal as the dudes. 

Over the years, there have been many movies of this type. Recent female assassin movies include Anna, Red Sparrow, and Proud Mary. The latter is especially unique, in that it offers something very rare onscreen - a female assassin who's also African-American. Others go back further. Prizzi's Honor, which casts Kathleen Turner as an assassin, was released back in 1985. Some are straight action flicks, some have a comedic side, and a couple toss in a romantic angle. All in all, there's one to suit just about everybody.

Vote up your favorites from this list of female assassin movies, no matter how old or new, or what approach they take. 

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