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Celebrities Who Would Make The Best Maid Of Honor

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Who would be your dream celebrity maids of honor? When considering celebrity women who’d make good maids of honor, you want to think about who would throw the best bachelorette party, who is crafty and good at DIY projects, who would potentially bring other interesting people as their guests, and which female celebrity would be a good time. 

Do not focus solely on looks (especially because you don’t want to be outshined on your own wedding day!), but think about actresses you’d want in your wedding. Which celebrity maid of honor would give the best toast? For example, you could pick Brie Larson's brain about all of your Avengers: Endgame theories if she were your maid of honor. Or you could just have a blast drinking and dancing with a celebrity bridesmaid like Aubrey Plaza. 

This list of cool famous women ranges from beloved performers like Beyonce, and hilarious actresses like Anna Kendrick, to crafty geniuses like Lauren Conrad who could ensure you throw the perfect party as your celebrity maid of honor.

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