The 20 Best Female Characters In 'Fairy Tail'

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One of the coolest aspects about Fairy Tail is its plethora of awesome female characters. Many of the best shonen series focus primarily on male characters, but the amazing women in Fairy Tail help to challenge this trope. While standard shonen series might alienate female fans of the genre who want to see themselves represented, Fairy Tail offers plenty of badass women and girls to populate its story.

That said, who is the best female character in Fairy Tail? This depends on your personal preferences. Do you like powerful badasses with serious demeanors? Then Erza Scarlet might be a favorite of yours. Do you believe all the best female characters are cats? You probably have a huge soft spot for Carla - and likely Millianna, too. No matter what your taste is, Fairy Tail is full of awesome ladies to be your fave.