The Funniest Female-Led Comedy Movies Ever Made

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Remember when everyone was trying to make “fetch” happen? Or when “as if” became part of a female teenager’s everyday vernacular? We can thank female-led comedies like Mean Girls and Clueless for adding some very classic jargon to our language that is still being used today. Years back there was a debate on whether girls could be funny. Considering the massive success of comedy writers like Tina Fey and Amy Schumer, that argument seems totally silly in retrospect. Women are funny and comedies that feature females in lead roles are often hilarious. This list features the best recent female-led comedy movies might also be streaming on Netflix.

This list also contains a neat spin on the classic mismatched buddy cop movie, a fish out of water comedy, a few revenge comedies, a little competitive cheerleading, gals playing baseball during WII, a couple genre-bending romances, and an independent film about teenage pregnancy.

No matter the plotline or subgenre , one major aspect remains the same: these comedies starring women are funny. The female actresses in these movies play hilarious roles in timeless, smart scripts. Some are charismatic lead actresses, others are part of ensembles, and still others are part of female comedy duos. They'll all make you laugh out loud in these movies, though.

Be sure to upvote your favorite female-led comedy movie. If we missed one that you think should be on this list, let us know if the comments section below. Just remember one very important piece of advice: there is no crying in baseball.

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