The Best Movies About Female Police Officers

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Vote up your favorite films that feature women in law enforcement.

What are the best women cop movies? The life of a female police officer and for cops, in general, is hard at the best of times, and many police departments acknowledge that women face special challenges in law enforcement. There are movies with women detectives and police officers that focus on the potential harassment and prejudice that can make their jobs all the more difficult on and off the streets. The film Swat touches on this subject as well. And as study after study shows, policewomen continue outperforming their male counterparts in several key areas. For police departments across the country, hiring more women is a no-brainer. Which means we will probably see more female officers and detectives in new movies as they come out.

The best policewoman movies on this list show women in a variety of law enforcement agencies. Some are grounded and realistic studies of systemic issues like Silence Of The Lambs while some, like The Heat... aren't. It's time to vote up the best movies that feature policewomen, so vote for the greatest female cop movies, and don't forget to add any recent or classic movies not on the list!