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Bands/Musicians The Best Female Duos in Music  

Daniel Kohn
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If you haven't heard of Tegan and Sara then you need to stop what you're doing, open up a new tab in your browser and get ready to start your personal sad dance party. These twin songwriting dynamos pretty much run the indie music industry at this point.

Genres (Music): Indie pop, Synthpop, Indie, New Wave, Rock music, + more

Albums: So Jealous, This Business of Art, The Con, If It Was You, Sainthood, + more

Nationality: Canada

Labels: Vapor Records, Sanctuary Records Group, Sire Records, Warner Bros. Records

Career Began: Calgary, Canada

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Wendy & Lisa

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It's a shame that Wendy & Lisa aren't synonymous with songwriting duos like John and George, and Jagger and Richards. These two ladies co-wrote some of the best songs of the '80s with Prince, before going on to write for artists like Gwen Stefani, Madonna, and OK Go.
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Combining traditional influences like The Carter Family, with modern folk/indie artists like Fleet Foxes and Conor Oberst, these Swedish sisters create a gloomy musical atmosphere that begs you to let it envelop you. 

Genres (Music): Indie pop, Americana, Folk music, Psychedelic pop, Indie folk, + more

Albums: Drunken Trees, The Big Black and the Blue, You're Not Coming Home, The Lion's Roar, Stay Gold, + more

Labels: Rabid Records

Career Began: Rockville, Connecticut, United States of America

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You can't talk about musical duos, male or female, without bringing up the Indigo Girls. Their story is one of those classic rock 'n' roll origin tales. After meeting in elementary school, Amy Ray and Emily Sailers began writing songs together and haven't stopped for over 30 years.

Genres (Music): Folk rock

Albums: Rites of Passage, Indigo Girls, Nomads - Indians - Saints, Despite Our Differences, Come On Now Social, + more

Labels: Hollywood Records, Epic Records, Vanguard Records, Columbia

Career Began: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

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