The Best Female Figure Skaters in the World Right Now

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The top active female figure skaters currently competing

List of the best female figure skaters in the world. This list includes active and competing figure skaters who are considered figure skating’s best and most promising. Some have competed in the Olympic games; others are sure to do so in the future. Whether they’ve been to the Olympics, though, these are all female figure skaters to watch -- ones who are sure to go down in history as the best.

The best figure skaters in the world come from all over the globe. South Korea, for example, has produced one of the best female figure skaters in the world, one who has broken record after record: Yu-Na Kim. She was not only the first female skater to score over 150 points in free skating but also the first female skater to become a champion at the World Figure Skating Championships, the Olympics, the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, and the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

But are medals the only measure of what makes a female figure skater the best? Earning medals is, of course, important, but the crowd-pleasing ability of the skater shouldn’t be discounted. This includes the capability of a skater and her team to pull together music, choreography, jumps, spins, and costumes into a pleasing, artistic whole -- something the ultimate female figures skaters are able to do in routine after routine.

This list contains the best ladies’ single skaters found in figure skating. As their careers progress, they’ll surely continue to add medals and merits to their names. These top active women figure skaters will also continue to bring enjoyment to figure skating fans -- not only those of today but also those of generations to come.