The Best Female Kpop Rappers of All-Time

Thanks to Korean music competition shows like Unpretty Rapstar and Show Me the Money, the best female K-pop rappers are finally getting the recognition they deserve, while also making some of the best Korean hip hop songs of 2019. Including the best girl group rappers, like LE of EXID and Amber of f(x), Kpop solo artists are blowing up on the Melon charts. Who are the best female rappers in K-pop?

Some of the best girl rappers in South Korea include Jessi, HyunA, Cheetah, and Heize. Rapper CL of 2NE1 is finally making her US debut with songs, like "Hello B*tches" and "Lifted." Other K-pop girls making hip hop and R&B music are Yezi, Kisum, Nada, and Miryo.

Which female K-pop rappers do you think are the best? Whether you like their look, their music, or all of the above, the female rappers on this list are definitely the best in the kpop world. Upvote the best female K-pop rap idols below and lets us know why you think these girls are the best in the comments section!

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