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The Best Movies About Female Spies

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with James Bond or Ethan Hunt, but if you feel the spy game has been dominated by men for too long, check out this list of female spy movies.

In real life, women have already played a vital role in spycraft for years. For example, Josephine Baker was an important spy for the French Resistance in World War 2, and Mata Hari spied during World War 1.

However, not all female spies are the sensationalized femme fatales who seduce and destroy. As of 2019, women hold many of the top analyst positions at the CIA, and are an important part of the FBI and similar organizations all around the world. These women are intelligent, hardworking analysts and experts.

But we don't go to the movies to see people working hard at their jobs in a supportive, conflict-free atmosphere. We go to see spies racing against the clock, fighting their enemies, and saving the world. If that's what you're looking for, look no farther than this list of the greatest female espionage films. There are silly comedies, grounded dramas, and heart-racing action in all these female spy movies. They include female spies and secret agents.

So vote up the ones you like best, and don't forget to add any favorites! Then check back as new and recent female spy movies are added to the list.

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