The Best Female Stand Up Comedians of the '70s

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The best 70s stand up comedians were often female, including Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller, both of whom have unfortunately passed on. They left a legacy not only as some of the great 70s female comedians, but as the best stand up comics of all time. Lily Tomlin and Roseanne Barr paved the way for women, as they were in their prime in the 1970s and became known as two of the funniest people to ever walk the earth. Meanwhile, great 70s comedians like Paula Poundstone and Kaye Ballard redefined what it meant to be a woman in comedy. Sandra Bernhard was also doing some of her best onstage work, as was Carol Channing, and the two of them are regarded by most as a few of the funniest 70s comedians, regardless of gender.

Vote up the funniest female comedians of the 70s, like Bette Midler and Anne Meara, who made their mark on the comedy world. Midler was known for doing a mix of stand up comedy and musical routines on stage, which was very in vogue during the time. Even without her husband Jerry Stiller, who was one of the best 70s stand ups, Anne Meara was absolutely still considered a top tier comedian. This list compiles the best female comedians of the 70s but it’s time for you to vote up the women who you think deserve the top spot on this list.

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