The Best Female Stand Up Comedians of the '80s

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The best 80s stand up comedians were often of the female persuasion, and this list of the best 80s comedians will remind you of women who tickled the world's funny bone in the 1980s. So, who are the funniest 80s stand up comedians? The funniest 80s comedians range from women like Elayne Boosler and Judy Tenuta. Who doesn't remember how hilarious those ladies were? Some of the top 80s comedians were also women like Diane Ford and Cathy Ladman. Whoopi Goldberg was a young comedian in the eighties and she was truly in her prime in that decade, as seen by her famous standup special from 1985. The same can be said for the brilliant Tracey Ullman, who will go down in history as one of the top 80s stand up comedians -- male or female. The best 80s stand ups were strong feminists with original viewpoints but, above all, they are hilarious. 

For instance, Boston's Sue Costello rocked the 1980s comedy club circuit and became known as one of the best female comedians of the 80s. Karen Kay and Victoria Wood are also considered to be two of the best 80s female comedians, many of whom are forever indebted to the comediennes who paved the way like Sandra Bernhard and Joan Rivers. These hilarious female comedians went on to shows like Saturday Night Live, like Gilda Radner, while others got their own Comedy Central specials (once those were a thing). These comics got slightly edgier with their comedy than many of the women who preceded them on the stage, just as this group of comedians made it possible for the next generation of comediennes to continue pushing boundaries as comics.
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