The Best Female Superhero Movies

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Vote up your favorite movies that have women with superhuman powers in a leading role.

Do you wish there were more women superhero movies? Then this list is for you. We've gathered all the films that have female superheroes in leading roles. Obviously, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel come to mind as a couple of the top female superhero movies to come out in recent years but you can't forget the '90s classic, Tank Girl. There are also several DC animated films that prominently feature heroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern). Now it's time to determine which of these films featuring female superheroes is the best?

It's not an easy question but you get to help decide the answer with your votes. Vote up the female superhero movies that you love to watch and vote down the ones that you can do without. Then check back as new women superhero movies are released and added to this list.

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