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The Best Female Talk Show Hosts on TV

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Though the field is expanding, most of the best female talk show hosts are the faces we see and the voices we hear on morning and daytime talk shows. Women like Ellen DeGeneres, Barbara Walters, and Oprah Winfrey are household names who have hosted some of the longest running talk shows on television. There are more female late night talk show hosts than there used to be, with Samantha Bee and Busy Philipps joining the ranks of comedians and personalities such as Chelsea Handler and Joan Rivers. Whether they're great at conducting interviews, know how to ask the hard questions, or just make a show something you can't miss, these women are the best at what they do.

Of these great female talk show hosts, which of these women have been the very best? Vote up the women who have done the best job hosting chat shows, late night talk shows, morning shows and more.

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