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The Best Female Film Characters Whose Names Are in the Title

List RulesOnly fictional characters - No real people on whose lives films were based

Some of the greatest female characters in film have entire movies named after them, but who are the best of the best? This is a list of female title characters in movies that are named after women. Say what? Basically: If the movie has a woman's name in it, than that particular girl or lady character can be on this list. Simple! So who are the best title characters in movies with girls' names in the titles? Bridget Jones? Amelie? Mary freaking Poppins? 

What makes good female characters so memorable? Here is something to think about: Georges Méliès built one of the first film studios in 1897, but the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution that gave the all American women the right to vote wasn't ratified until 1920. In the meantime, women were basically second class citizens. In early Disney films (which may be the earliest movies many have seen), female lead characters like Snow White and Alice are depicted as innocent - if curious - little nitwits who play passive roles in their own lives. Also, they are really the only girls in their movies except for the evil queens. Fast forward four decades, and there is Sally Albright making a ladies-first scene right in the middle of a diner. Another decade, and Summer is out doing her own thing and really not caring what men are up to at all! That's progress.

The best female title characters are girls and old women, students and teachers, victims and bullies, strong, confused, willful, scatterbrained, regretful heartbreakers, assassins, and regular gals. Vote up your favorites to move them up the list.