The Best Female Wrestlers Of All Time

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Figuring out who is the best WWE female wrestler is easy compared to deciding who were the best female wrestlers of all time, across all the promotions. We've put together this list of famous female wrestlers from all over, and that includes a lot of the best female wrestlers not in WWE.

Which of these female wrestlers has held the most titles, had the strongest storylines and made the most memorable careers in their time in WWE, Impact, TNA, AAA and Japanese promotions like JWP? There are retired female wrestlers like Bull Nakano, who helped shape the world of wrestling today and newer wrestlers like Asuka, who is an already undefeated rising star and building her name under the SmackDown brand. Some of these women wrestlers are cross-over champions, holding long title reigns both as Divas and as Reina de Reinas.

There are so many female wrestlers who are great at what they do, but we need you to vote up the best female wrestlers who are truly the best of the best!

Photo: Mike Kalasnik / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0
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