The Best Fertilizer Brands

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There’s nothing quite like having your own garden; the feeling of planting a tiny seed, watching it grow into a small sprout and becoming a full-grown flower or vegetable causes a sense of fulfillment that buying flowers or vegetables from the grocery store simply can’t give. Gardening is one of America’s favorite hobbies – it’s no wonder that you can purchase small plants and gardening supplies from almost any grocery retail store around the corner! The art of gardening requires patience and perseverance; it takes years of experience to learn how to truly produce an impressive crop. If you’ve ever asked the question, “What are the best fertilizer brands available?” before then you have definitely come to the right place!The best brands of fertilizers can make your plants grow several times larger than plants left untreated can. We’ve all seen those Miracle Grow commercials that promise an abundant crop; choosing the right fertilizer will ensure that your plant investment will not disappoint!This list discusses the top fertilizer brands, including: Bayer, Hoffman, Eraser, Fox Farm, Flora Bloom, Blue Lightening, Whitney Farms and Pennington. If you’ve ever sampled one of these brands and would like to share your opinion with the rest of the world, please vote for your favorite today!
Most divisive: Eraser
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  • Tasty Garden Professional Fertilizers
    127 votes

    Tasty Garden Professional Fertilizers

    Tasty Garden offers a complete line of professional fertilizers for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, sativas, indicas, hybrids and houseplants. They have fertilizers for:
    • vegetative or growth phase (Plant & Grow)
    • for the flowering and fruiting phase of your plants (Fruit & Flower)
    • PK "bud booster" for the final fruiting and flowering stgae to increase the size, flavour and quality of your flowers, vegetables and berries (Size and Flavour)

  • Miracle-gro
    189 votes
  • Jobe's
    51 votes
  • Eraser
    101 votes
  • Fox Farm
    57 votes
  • Pennington
    57 votes