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The Best Scripted Podcasts

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List RulesBest fiction (scripted) podcast series, including any and all genres (i.e. sci-fi, horror, drama).

After the invention of podcasts in 2004, they never really saw much change in the years shortly after. While podcasts certainly grew in popularity and listenership, the aim of podcasts remained essentially the same for the following decade - until sometime around 2012, at least. It was then the scripted (or fiction) podcasts came to rise. In the time since, scripted podcasts have become a wonderful thing, and the latest podcasts even giving audio books a run for their money. 

You see, before television, Americans and the rest of the world had audio dramas when radio was still our main outlet for entertainment. Then TV came in and ruined everything for radio. A half-century later, however, the idea of audio dramas returned in the form of scripted podcasts. So the question is: which of the most popular scripted podcasts are best? Featuring Gimlet podcast series Homecoming, starring Oscar Isaac and David Schwimmer, and Sandra, starring Kristen Wiig and Ethan Hawke, this list of fiction podcasts has comedy, mystery, and horror.

Check out the list of scripted podcasts and be sure to vote up your favorites, and vote down any podcast stories you're not a fan of.