The Greatest Fictional Bartenders

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There are so many bartenders and drink slingers in TV and movies that should be available to pour our cocktails any night of the week that it's almost sad when you remember the greatest fictional bartenders are just that: fictional. These amazing fictional bartenders hail from some of the best movies of all time and the best TV shows of recent memory.
From "Sweet Dee" on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to the rotating cast of pour jockeys at Cheers, there are plenty of little and big screen bartenders to choose from in the quest to name the best bartender that doesn't actually exist. Considering, on shows like The Simpsons, the bartenders can literally do ANYTHING imaginable (like conceive of a flaming drink that takes the boozing world by storm), it actually takes quite a bit to grab the title of best fake bartender.

This list of the best bartenders in TV and film, ranked by people like you, is here to help determine who the top movie or TV bartender really is. These famous movie bartenders and television barkeeps serve the best drinks, share the most interesting stories, tell the funniest bar jokes, and lend the most sympathetic ears. Vote up your favorite fictional characters to help determine who is the best bartender in entertainment.

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