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Greg Hahn
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Most people can agree that schlocky, ill-conceived guest appearances are not what the modern wrestling fan looks for in a wrestling show. That said, if you can't get behind some corny cross-promotional laughs from wrestling's past, then hand in your fan card, because this stuff is too stupid not to be enjoyed. Feast your eyes on some of wrestling's most absurd, obtuse, obscure, and all-around non-sensical cameo appearances by fictional characters...

From WWE to WCW and beyond, these are some moments that true fans will never ever forget.
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At WCW's 1990 Capital Combat pay-per-view, Ric Flair (flanked by his Four Horsemen cohorts) was set to do battle with Lex Luger for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, but Luger's best pal Sting wasn't going to just sit idly by and let the heel stable cheat their way to another victory. In the buildup to the big event, Sting announced he had some backup… in the form of Detroit's cybernetic dealer of justice, Robocop! What better way to promote the release of Robocop 2?

When Capital Combat came around, Flair's Four Horsemen cronies, Sid Vicious, Ole, and Arn Anderson attacked Sting and locked him in a cage at ringside. That's when the titanium supercop burst onto the scene (read: slowly meandered down the entrance ramp), and tore the door off the hinges of the cage, freeing Sting, and causing the Horsemen to flee.

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The Muppets

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Over the last few years, the lovable, hilarious puppet cast of Jim Henson's The Muppet Show have made a number of appearances on WWE Raw, interacting with a number of WWE superstars. Some highlights include: Gonzo getting stretched by Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, Beaker having a brief family reunion with his cousin Sheamus, Kermit getting a kiss from Kelly Kelly, Miss Piggy getting handsy with John Morrison's abs, and Animal ringing the ring bell before a match. see more on The Muppets
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Mr. Belding

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Dennis Haskins, the actor who played Saved By the Bell's Mr. Belding has been a pro-wrestling fan for much of his life. After making multiple appearances on Zack Ryder's hit YouTube series, Z! True Long Island Story, Haskins decided to take the next step...

He's since made a number of appearances for New Jersey-based Pro Wrestling Syndicate and it's spinoff promotion, WrestlePro. Under the name Mr. Belding, he's had in-ring confrontations with wrestlers, competed in an 8-man tag match, and more recently, managed a team dressed up as Zack Morris and A.C. Slater, billed as The Bayside Tigers.
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William Shatner is known for playing some of TV's most iconic characters: Captain Kirk, T.J. Hooker, Boston Legal's Denny Crane, but it was his reprisal of the Priceline Negotiator on Monday Night Raw that no one will ever forget. Or have you all forgotten already? In the form of "Raw Match Negotiator" (complete with catchy jingle and snazzy graphics), Shatner set up a tag team title number one contender match between ShoMiz and the Straight Edge Society's CM Punk and Luke Gallows.

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