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The Best Fictional Dystopias to Live In

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If science fiction tells us anything, it’s that a perfect society ruled by one person, or a shadow government made up of robots or whatever is a bad thing. But just because you live in a world controlled by the NWO or cyber gangsters who keep everyone plugged onto the Internet doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice time. Since the 18th century, writers have been employing fictional dystopian worlds to get their point across about government oversight, political correctness, or whatever world issue is stuck in their craw. But, let’s be real, some of the fictional dystopias just aren’t that bad. Sure, no one wants to have to fight to the death on TV, but what if you just got to watch people fight to the death while you got wear wacky hair and eat all the food you want? All of a sudden the world of The Hunger Games doesn’t sound so bad! Take a look at these dystopian societies and think about which one you’d rather live in.

Choosing the best dystopian society isn’t easy. For every promise of free soma and evening of meaningless sex, there’s a Kafka-esque bureaucratic nightmare waiting around the corner. The examples of dystopia on this list range from young adult fiction like The Giver, to definitely for adults only works like A Clockwork Orange. All of the worlds collected here are different, so it’s up to you to figure out which work of fiction contains your favorite dystopian society.

Remember to vote up the nightmarish imaginary societies that you actually wouldn't mind living in, because Big Brother is always watching!
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