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The Most Memorable Ex-Boyfriends In TV History

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Here's a list of the most memorable ex-boyfriends in TV history. Relationships in television shows can end whenever the writers decide to move on from that particular story, but sometimes that doesn't mean the love interest goes away entirely. Whether they're good guys, troubled characters, or even supernatural heroes, the best TV ex-boyfriends have all left indelible marks on their love interests - as well as us viewers.

From Steve in Stranger Things to Michael Kelso in That ‘70s Show, these characters have loved and lost. Sometimes, like in the case of Ross Geller from Friends, they get back together with their love interests, and sometimes they fade away into episodic obscurity. Either way, these characters left an impression us viewers aren’t likely to forget. Which of these ex bfs is your favorite?

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  • Steve Harrington
    Photo: Stranger Things / Netflix

    Why even bother making a list here? Steve Harrington from Stranger Things is the best ex-boyfriend ever! I mean what other ex-boyfriend would save your brother's friends from demogorgons?

    • Appears In: Stranger Things
    • Played By: Joe Keery
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  • Andy Dwyer
    Photo: Parks and Recreation / NBCUniversal Television Distribution

    Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer went from loser ex-boyfriend of Ann Perkins to perfect husband of April Ludgate. His dim-witted demeanor actually kept him from being a completely unlikeable character during in the early seasons of the show when he lived in a pit to be closer to Ann.

    • Appears In: Parks and Recreation
    • Played By: Chris Pratt
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  • Joey Tribbiani
    Photo: Friends / Warner Bros. Television

    While the relationship was brief and may not have lasted long enough for him to be considered Rachel's boyfriend, Joey Tribbiani stepping up and doing what was best for Rachel and her baby (before and after Joey and Rachel's romance) showed that he had matured and was definitely ready for a serious relationship with someone. 

    • Appears In: Friends, Joey
    • Played By: Matt LeBlanc
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  • Ross Geller
    Photo: Friends / Warner Bros. Television

    Ross Geller had horrible luck when it came to his love life on the show Friends. Whether his wife left him for another woman or his complete mental breakdown due to his amount of failed relationships and marriages, Ross was at his comedic best when he wasn't dating Rachel. He was pretty much a pro at being an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband by the end of the show's run.

    • Appears In: Friends
    • Played By: David Schwimmer
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