The Greatest Fictional Fighters of All Time

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Characters must either be employed as professional fighters or have a storyline that focuses on their fighting.

There's nothing quite like a good fight movie or TV show. The tale of a man or woman having to fight his way to victory with his bare hands is about as timeless as it gets. Fighter characters also usually have an underdog or tale of redemption story that really make you appreciate what you have. So who are the best fighters in movies and TV?

Whether it's a movie that revolves around the fights (Never Back Down), a movie that's more of a family drama that uses the fighting as a profession (Southpaw), or even an action movie sprinkled with fantastic hand to hand fights (Lethal Weapon) there's certainly something for everyone and all these films feature some of the greatest fictional fighters.

So you is your pick? Will it be one of the all time great boxers (Rocky)? An incredible mixed martial artist (Tommy Conlon of Warrior)? Maybe an insane nihilist who actually loves the fight itself and has nothing to lose (Tyler Durden/Bronson)?

The choice is in your hands! Vote up your all time favorite fictional fighters below and any other great fighters from movies and television who aren't already listed, male or female.